Envoy Server Enterprise

Enterprise customer benefit from all the standard features of Envoy Server, plus:

  • professional services to help model threat intelligence in your enterprise
  • custom integration integrate Envoy Project with your custom applications
  • enterprise support with email support, 24x7 phone support
  • extended enrichments extend enrichments based on your custom requirements
  • backup/restore easy backup and restore all the config and data
  • workflows to manage and perform life cycle of threats
  • customized machine learning for your company needs, and adapt and tune existing machine learning algorithms to get the most value in your specific context

For more information, you can contact us below or email our office at hello @ envoyproject.com




Standard features include

  • running in a container
  • all-in-one solution
  • API import from CSV, JSON, CEF, STIX, TAXII, MISP
  • unlimited API export
  • SIEM integration available
  • geolocation
  • full API access



All Free features plus

  • advanced machine learning
  • Gold support: 24x7 support w/ SLA
  • clustering and scalability
  • performance and health monitoring