Install Docker

Make sure you have Docker running (installation instructions here) with at least 4 CPUs and 6GB RAM.

Set the EV_KEY environment variable

First thing you need is an EV_KEY which you can get at the following link. An email address is required to get the free key.
When you receive it, make it available in your terminal:

export EV_KEY=yourNewEVKEY

Run the Envoy container

To run Envoy, all you need is to run the docker run command with the envoyproject/server image and with the EV_KEY environment variable set.
Requesting an EV_KEY key can be easily done on the account page.
Open a terminal and do:

docker run -it -p 7000:7000 -p 7500:7500 \ --name envoyproject-server \ -e EV_KEY=$EV_KEY --rm \ -v /tmp/envoy/config:/etc/envoy \ -v /tmp/envoy/data:/var/opt/envoy \ envoyproject/server
s The options are described below.
-itallows interaction with the container
--name envoyproject-servernames the container envoyproject-server
-p 7000:7000 -p 7500:7500exposes 2 ports: port 7000 - used by the indexer process and port 7500 - the searchead where the UI is located
-e EV_KEY=$EV_KEYprovides the EV_KEY as environment variable to the container
-v /tmp/envoy/config:/etc/envoymaps the /tmp/envoy/config directory from your system to the /etc/envoy directory from the container. The configuration file envoyconfig.yml will be generated here
-v /tmp/envoy/data:/var/opt/envoymaps the /tmp/envoy/data directory from your system to the /var/opt/envoy directory from the container. Here the data of Envoy will be stored.
envoyproject/serverthe name of the Envoy image on Docker Hub
Access the UI

After running the container, you can access the UI via http://localhost:7500.
The default username and password are admin / admin .

Insert some data

By default, Envoy comes with no data.
In the UI, on tab Data Providers, you can enable and start some data source providers, that are provided as a starting point. Those can be modified or other data sources added.

For a detail explanation of the architecture, go to the components page